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Bespoke menus to suit your tastes

We have a variety of popular menus for you to choose from, for your canapés, wedding breakfast and evening meal – such as Paella, Tapas and Barbecue. However, as experienced caterers we would be delighted to work on more bespoke options if you have sometime more specific in mind. 


Once you have decided on a menu we offer tasting days, so you know that everything is exactly as you imagined. 

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Big meats, big flavour

Cooked using oil drum barbecues over charcoal, these show stoppers are sure to be a talking point at your event. Options include 8 hour slow roasted British beef brisket, BBQ pulled pork or Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder.

We also offer a range of grilled meats including gourmet burgers, marinated chicken breasts, spicy Spanish chorizo sausages and more.

But barbecues aren't just for the meat eaters! We offer a wide selection of vegetarian options including halloumi skewers, falafel burgers and sausages.



Classic crowd pleaser

Cooked outside in traditional paella pans sure intrigue and delight your guests as they watch the colours and flavours come together in this ultimate in sharing food.

Choose from various different options including chicken & chorizo, traditional chicken & seafood, and vegetarian paella with peppers and green beans.

Our philosophy is simple - we use the most authentic ingredients to create fabulous paellas, and provenance is paramount to everything we cook. Our rice is from the Navarra region of Spain, and the earthy smokey paprika comes from La Vera where farmers still roast the red capsicums over wood fires.




Spanish small plates

Whether as a sharing dish on your tables or canapé style for your reception, our versatile selection of tapas dishes are perfect for any occasion.

Options include seared chorizo and sun blushed tomato, calamari, garlic king prawns, patatas bravas with a spicy aioli sauce, patron peppers or classic spanish tortilla, these traditional spanish dishes are a wonderfully social and delicious addition to your celebration.



Have something else in mind?

As experienced caterers we would be delighted to work on more bespoke options if you have sometime more specific in mind. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideal menu.

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